Trying One's Luck at Keno

Keno is a game that purely relies on luck. It is quite similar to lottery games in terms of game principles. Keno was brought to the United States by Chinese settlers during the early 19th century. Just like lotto, keno is a simple and easy game to play.

It is also cheap to play keno, but the prizes at stake are usually very lucrative. Normally, keno games are found in clubs, bars and local centers in most countries today. The popularity of keno has made club-goers play the game whenever they are around their favorite clubs; trying their luck while having fun or having a drink. However, the one thing that distinguishes keno and lottery is the fact that both games have high and almost-unbeatable odds.

The popularity of keno paved the way for it to have a spot in the online gaming industry. Many online casino providers have included keno in their list of online games. It didn't take too much effort and time for the keno enthusiasts to capture and adapt the game online. The popularity of the game once again made it easier to get all the support it needs.

Playing the game is as simple as lottery. A player needs to select his number combinations from a total of eighty numbers; usually four to ten numbers. A selection made by the player is termed as a spot. In most online keno games, a player can purchase as many tickets as he wants for the same-day draw. Some online sites also offer keno games where players can purchase in advance their tickets designated for future games.

The number combinations are then submitted after the selection. Twenty number-balls will be drawn for every game. If a player's spots or number combinations correspond to those that were drawn, he wins. A player can win more if more of his numbers correspond to the winning combination.

Online keno games have varied ticket prices. Some sites offer tickets priced at 5 cents and some as high as $5. The payout for keno game wins are in multiples of a player's ticket cost. A player can also expect jackpots as much as $ 50,000.

People who have been playing keno for fun and for luck know the chances they are taking. There may be some form of strategy in order to make the odds better for the player, but sheer luck is truly the only answer to winning the jackpot. The house edge of keno is 30% or even more. Keep in mind that just like lottery, keno doesn't offer even a 50-50 chance of winning; but if you win, you have luck on your side.