What is Video Keno?

Video keno machines resemble that of slot machines. When coming in at a local casino, the video keno machines are normally located near slot machines. Some players consider these machines as the one-armed bandit or simply the bandit.

The physical appearance of a video keno machine is somewhat like a slot machine with a steel casing that confines the operating system or the computer. A player may find a picture of a typical keno machine on the right side of the video keno machine which identifies it as such. Playing the video keno machine and how the result is generated are definitely different from a normal slot machine.

If you are to compare video keno with online keno, there is not much difference on the concept; it's more on the manner of playing the game. The online and casino versions of keno, the players can play along with others which make keno fascinating to its followers. In video keno, playing it solo is the difference from other versions.

Some players might prefer to play keno online if given the option. The main reason is that video keno does not have much innovative appeal to players unlike with the online version that has fascinating graphics and user-friendly features that turns on the players fancies. Video keno machines have more of the crude and traditional graphic designs that the not-so-advanced monitors may present. The sound effects are also not so appealing as well. Having to contend with the sound around the casino is much more of a hassle compared to the surround sound of the pc speakers or even a more exclusive way of listening to the game through headsets that are plugged into the computer.

But players should not be discouraged of these features that video keno machines can offer only on a limited scale. If you love the game so much, there is no reason not to play it. Keno has a long history and having made it to this generation is a success story in its existence. Playing and having the luck at the normal keno game could be anyone's niche.

When in a local casino or when visiting other places to gamble, why not give video keno a try. Slot machine lovers may find playing video keno a different experience because of the many differences it can offer but having some similar feel and concept of playing a slot machine. It can be considered a relief game or a good alternative to slots but with a bit of a twist.